Temperature checks help Schools and Businesses

Help your business determine the presence of an elevated temperature in employees, visitors, contractors, or anyone who is entering your facility

  Fully Hands-Free Infrared Thermometer

Many businesses will be required to implement effective solutions to ensure early detection of infection in order to minimize the risk of infection to all its employees and customers alike.

Bio-Safety Security has found a solution to this problem and an excellent alternative to handheld thermometers, in the totally hands-free infrared thermometer which can be wall mounted or placed on a tripod stand at the entrance of your premises. The Hands-Free Infrared Thermometer can help detect the presence of a high temperature quickly and accurately and Its contactless design further ensures maximum defense against germs and viruses and is the best way to ensure staff and visitors do not unwittingly introduce germs and viruses to your workplace. 

Given the current Coronavirus pandemic as part of the risk management strategy, schools, businesses and workplaces have been looking at implementing measures that help them identify any potential infection before this enters their premises. There are a number of steps that businesses around the UK have to take to allow them to begin re-opening and ensuring their life away from home safer. One of the key measures that have been put in place by businesses in addition to the extra hand washing, sanitizing, face covering, and social distancing is temperature checks.

Schools and Nurseries

Every school and early years setting is committed to doing everything possible to allow all children to go back to school/setting safely, to support their wellbeing and education and help working parents. As a school leader or nursery manager/owner you will no doubt be working very hard on implementing thorough risk assessments and work with your Local Authority to put a number of measures in place to ensure that everything that can be done, will be done to keep staff, children and their families as safe as possible. The challenges we face in implementing actions related to the ever changing advise and risk assessments are indeed substantial. We, like you have been seeking effective solutions to the many issues we face in promoting a safer setting and school.

There has been much discussion on how to increase bio-safety systems throughout our settings starting with entry to them from children, parents and staff. One of the early procedures introduced in other countries that have sought to introduce systems for early detection of infection has been the scanning of fore-head temperatures. This presented an issue straight away, regarding handheld devices that would require a staff member to take up time scanning all entries to the building. Would they require full PPE? I would think so as they would be face to face less than 1 meter from who was being scanned.

I believe we have found an excellent alternative to handheld thermometers, in the totally hands-free infrared thermometer which can be wall mounted or placed on a tripod stand at the entrance of your premises. Fully CE, FC, RoHS Standards the unit is simple to set up and can be wired by USB connection in minutes. Simple to use it takes seconds for an accurate temperature reading and alerts us to positive or negative readings, proving to be a practical first line of defense in our biosafety protocol.

Bio-Safety Solutions introduced a hands free, wall mounted non-contact infrared thermometer to our range in June, and the result has been that we have spoken to many schools, nurseries, businesses and individuals about how they are keeping safe whilst endeavoring to still function effectively, and the hands-free mounted thermometers is one of the measures they have put in place and they can see the benefits.

For education, the Government issued guidelines regarding the importance of checking temperatures. Schools need to be able to spot the staff or pupils showing symptoms and, if they wish to take a more stringent approach, test the temperatures of staff and pupils daily. A high temperature is one of the key early signs of Covid-19, and one that we can check yourselves, therefore we suggest checking for a temperature as a first step ideally at the start of each day in order to protect your staff and your pupils and their families.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a number of reasons why using thermometers in schools is important.  

  1. Check instantly for fever or raised temperature that could show an indication of an infection

The Government guidelines state that anyone including pupils or teachers showing symptoms can be tested for COVID-19, however first you need to be able to test for symptoms, and one of the symptoms is high temperature. Most children would not be able to tell you they have a high temperature and most parents do not have the time to take their temperatures every day before taking into school or early years setting. With this being the case if schools and early years setting allow children through their doors and into their classrooms without testing for at least one of the Covid-19 symptom that can be checked, then it is very likely that by the time the children have alerted the teacher that they are unwell, they would have already been in the classroom environment, come into close contact with their peers and even teacher and have already touched multiple surfaces and transmitted the virus.

Using a non-contact thermometer at the start of the school day, before children enter the building, would allow you to check temperatures instantly, and spot any high fevers therefore minimizing the risk of any infections entering the school or early years setting.

  1. Instill confidence in parents

Checking temperatures of pupils at the start of the day is a very clear and conscientious step that will give parents confidence in sending their child to the school or early years setting.

Parents already have a lot to deal with in the morning, trying to get their children ready for school and dealing with work commitments, therefore many parents will not have time to check their children’s temperatures daily before leaving the house. If the school or setting has these measure in place where every child’s temperature is checked daily as part of the routine, parents feels reassured that the school or setting makes every effort to stop the spread of the virus entering the building.

  1. Reduce disruption to the school day

It is possible that many school leaders or settings managers may believe that adding a new procedure to the school day i.e taking children’s temperatures before entering the premises may slow down children coming into the school or setting, however it is very important to highlight that by recognizing a child has a temperature later in the day this could cause far more disruption and possible more children needed to self-isolate including teachers.

Bio-Safety Security’s hands-free wall mounted Infrared Thermometers will not slow down the children coming into the school or setting as they are designed to read temperatures accurately within seconds, and as they can be wall mounted or positioned on a tripod stand, the pupils walk past these there will be no disruption to pupils entering the setting or school.

  1. Staff feel safer

The teachers already feel immense pressure knowing that they could potentially come into contact with a full class of children that they do not know if they or their family have followed strictly to the rules for Hands, Face and Space. Teachers knowing that the children are checked for the first signs of coronavirus at the start of the day will help make staff feel safer, knowing that the school or setting is doing everything they can to prevent transmission of the virus within their workplace, protecting them and their family too.

You can order infrared non-contact thermometers directly from Bio-Safety Solutions by clicking this link https://www.bio-safetysolutions.com/collections/all/products/hands-free-infrared-forehead-thermometer